Dear Laconophiles,

I trust you all had a safe and happy holiday period, I know I did. Well, apart from catching, and recovering from covid it was fantastic. To be honest, that last part was fairly ordinary but it coincided with Sydney Ashes Test which made it much more bearable. To those not familiar with Cricket the Ashes is akin, at least in my mind, to the Superbowl or the Fifa world cup. Only the match goes for 5 glorious days. I'm sure some will disagree, I know my family do. Regardless, welcome to the first post on my new blog. I've never run a blog before, so constructive feedback is not only welcomed, its encouraged. I'll keep this one brief as I have no clue what I'm really doing here.

Since offering my listeners the ability to contribute I have received some extremely generous donations. Far too generous in some instances. On recommendation I've put those funds to good use and completely revamped my recording hardware, which you can see in the photo attached. I've done some preliminary recordings and the sound is fantastic, compared to my previous offering it is music to my, and hopefully soon to be your own, ears. I believe I'll re-record some of my solo episodes from the start of the podcast, I would hate people to discontinue listening due to poor sound quality and in that vein, thank you to everyone whose persevered with the sound quality thus far.

Lastly, the first ep for the year will be dropping on February the 13th. Episode 31, A league of their own. (yes, one of my favourite movies of all time) We'll be looking at the formation of the Peloponnesian league in detail. This loose set of unequal alliances between Sparta and various other Greek city states was key to Spartan military dominance through the 5th and early 4th centuries. Until then dear listeners, take good care and speak soon. :)

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